I drew this picture. Not. it is another Rembrandt. Brilliant!

I drew this picture. Not. it is another Rembrandt. Brilliant!

I stole this from my friends at Village Church at Vinings in Georgia. I love those guys a lot and I love their church. Here is what they say, which I agree with:

A gospel-centered church understands that change or transformation of any kind, especially heart transformation, cannot happen apart from the good news of God’s grace.

Therefore, a gospel-centered church keeps the focus of its activity – preaching, teaching, worship, outreach, mercy ministry, discipleship – centered on the riches of God’s grace available only through the sacrificial death of Jesus for sinners.

Because of this, a gospel-centered church is committed to:

  • Reading and teaching the entire Bible in light of the gospel
  • Preaching the gospel to unbelievers and believers
  • Leaders applying the gospel to themselves first; church leaders are the first repenters
  • Cultivating a leadership culture marked by an increasing “Gospel astonishment”
  • Being known for an atmosphere of grace; gospel-centered churches are safe places for those outside the faith
  • Being known as people who don’t just know the doctrine of the gospel but who also love Jesus

I love that phrase: “Gospel astonishment.” I know that when people are not astonished by the gospel, they are not getting it. It has become a necessary point on a doctrinal statement, not the rich soil for fertile plants to bring forth succulent fruit.

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One thought on “What is a gospel-centered church?

  • June 23, 2014 at 7:34 pm

    I too like the phrase gospel astonishment. It is astonishing what lengths God has gone to so that we can be in right standing and be assured of eternal fellowship with Him. All the time, even before my birth, God is good to me. Praise God!


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